Breaking finished work shelfs (bugs related to this container)

there are more important bugs but i’ll show this ones

  • placing a shelf with debug tools (either iconic or placed) and choosing the item to store wont instantly set the container to work… moving it to another position will do the trick (this was for 864 last time i tested so not sure with 870)

  • this one looks weird:
    moved some containers to another place and after that the animation got broken (upper left corner)… as you can see in the image, there are others that still work (lower right corner)

no mods active except for debug tools

Hmm. I’ve tried both of these and wasn’t able to reproduce the issue. Got any more details?

hmmm, not really a lot of details
the containers at the back are set to move to a new location (note the ghost form behind them)
i think the 'ligs moved one of them with an item stored but the other was empty so don’t think that could be the trigger
other than that, i had the same behaviour wen trying to make a custom container and changing values on the animation file (even when returning back with ctrl+z to the original values, it placed items close to the floor so had to copy the original animation file again)