Box O' Vox (Complete)


I mean, I haven’t gotten to this mod yet, but it is active in my current playthrough :smiley:


just to be clear, you are using Box O’ Vox 2.0 right? Owl’s split parts are “Hidden” on the workshop but if you were subscribed to them at one point you’ll still it and have access to play even though they are all BROKEN and should not be played. I can’t remove them, he has that power and chose to make them “Hidden”


I’m not sure… whichever is on the workshop I suppose


the playthrough on youtube? or just actual current?


playthrough on YT yes, it’s the Havarti one


yea, I’ve been watching it. I can tell from watching if you have Box O’ Vox, it’s an old broken one. I havent seen a single thing from my recent updates… most basic thing would be cleric crafting button.


Alright, I’ll swap it out then


I figured out where the text needed to be to show when the necromancer is “Summoning” haha (Look in the bottom left in his actions)


Necromancers now earn XP from summoning! Whoo-hoo!


i got this error report when ever i play (placing the banner to spawn the 1st hearthling) the Ascendancy and the Northern Alliance race

i can play the raya child and the boxling though…

my mod list:
acriplago biome + fishing job
status mod [beam]

ps: if i uninstall necromancer, i can play with the both race [the ascendancy and north alliance]


I will look into it immediately! I’m working on wrapping up some major changes to the Necromancer… Double Flaming Skulls at Level 6 is just one of them :wink:


thats…frightening XD


I’m Curious? How many people would want the Necromancer to increase the “amount” of summons they bring forth at once? With the increase of summons they would also take longer to use that ability again. It’s something I’m thinking over. I know the Necromancer is becoming quite powerful, but I also have plans to make it a unique class that is only attainable after you hit a Tier 2 Town. So many ideas in my head, I can only do so much at once lol


Updated and fixed! I hope that’s all right :wink:


thank you sir, with the new update it works flawlessly

now i can play with all 4 race


More pictures added.


Added a Holy Sword for the Paladin as well as allowing them to wear the same armor as a Knight.


it looks very holy !..not very sword like though. then again, does it matter? it can beat the hell out of people :’) (pun intended)


Oh, check if adding a reflecting surface (like from gold items) would look good


just going to leave this here… yup, just riiiiight here.