Box O' Vox (Complete) - UPDATED May 7, 2020

thank you sir, with the new update it works flawlessly

now i can play with all 4 race


More pictures added.

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Added a Holy Sword for the Paladin as well as allowing them to wear the same armor as a Knight.

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it looks very holy !..not very sword like though. then again, does it matter? it can beat the hell out of people :’) (pun intended)

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Oh, check if adding a reflecting surface (like from gold items) would look good

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just going to leave this here… yup, just riiiiight here.

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Fixed the error that “clouds/mist” were causing.

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Thst looks even heavier than in that nordic forest level… Doesn’t that wreck performance XD?

Performance was a concern I had too, when I replace the swamp effects (very similar to this screenshot) with proper weather effects. I guess this biome is way more light weight and the effects thus not hurt it so much

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I’ve never had a problem, and my PC isn’t the best either… Might be heavy in multiplayer, but the past effect was beastier I think and it still ran well.

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-Removed Music everywhere except when playing as the Boxlings
-Reverted calendar settings
-Added further compatibility when using ACE


This Friday there will be an update that will almost 100% break any past saves. Some major changes to the Necromancer are coming. You will now only get 1 Necromancer via a quest to dispatch a Cleric only once said Cleric has reached level 3. The summons are getting hit with a huge nerf in damage. Crafting cost are going to be increased quite a bit as well as their value decreased.

also coming this weekend, the stand alone Necromancer mod should be ready and back on the workshop(I’ll also make a downloadable .smod file)

Box O’ Vox(complete) is updated. Have fun! I plan on not updating it for some time unless something broken is brought to my attention. I think it’s good though.

Necromancer Class(stand alone) is ready and working just like it does with the complete mod. It should be updated on the workshop this weekend.

Additional parts (animals only, starting customizations{eye color & accessories}, and maybe cleric crafting) will come soon after


:skull: Necromancer Class :skull: (Box O’ Vox) Now online!

:apple: Fruit & Animals :apple: (Box O’ Vox) Now online!

So, I was using this mod in my current Let’s Play, and with the update it, indeed, broke xD

It didn’t break the Necromancer, since I didn’t had it yet, but somehow it managed to break my builder.
I lost the ability to choose which type of block I wanted to use (Stone, Wood, or Clay). I was stuck with stone blocks only and unable to choose wooden or clay blocks. This went for all the tools in the builder where you can choose the blocks (walls, rooms, roofs, single blocks, etc).

Soooo, my question is, do you still have the previous version of before the time that it broke?

And I’m fairly certain it comes from this mod, since when I disable Box O Voxels, I get the ability to choose those types of blocks again

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I’ll look into that right now!
If I can’t “fix” it right now, I have past versions through github I think I can grab for you.

Updated on Steam. Playing again currently to see if I come across any bugs, but as of now it seems fine besides the normal Stonehearth stuff that always would happen.

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  • UPDATED May 5, 2020 -
    My game won’t load at all with ACE installed so I have no other option than to claim it not compatible with my mod. Not sure what they did in recent updates since I’ve been away for nearly a year. All I can tell you is my mod works perfectly fine with the mods I’ve set as “required” which mainly just make the game more suitable for long time playing. Of course you can disable any of them you wish to not use.