Both Builders Stop Working Randomly And Sound System Glitches

Both Builders Stop Working Randomly And Sound System Glitches

The builders stop working and when you exit the new builder after placing a wall which refuses to place and you exit the entire builder stops working and the exit menu sound plays repetitively and rapidly rendering both builders useless and rendering the entire ui worthless reloading the ui or restarting the game does not fix the issue.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Play multiplayer
  2. Get to the Oger part of the story
  3. Try to build anything with the new builder
  4. Exit the builder because it doesn’t work
  5. Try the old builder that has the same issue
  6. Leave and reload the game
  7. Have it no longer work still and causes the same issues

Expected Results:
I should be able to place the wall and build it without the noise upon exiting the builder and the entire thing stopping itself from working entirely.

Actual Results:
Annoying music and the walls don’t appear inside the builder after you try to place them that does not have even a placement tip.

Versions and Mods:
The multiplayer version and I am using a biome mod better stockpiles and auto harvest

System Information:
Windows 10, I74700k, 16GB DDR4 Ram, 1060TI 6GB DDR5, Stored on a 1TB SSD.


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The savefile would also be helpful, if you have it (were you the host, or a client?)

I was host and I will get the save file when I get home from work.

i have get this error while a multiplayersession too - but we were just at the start of the game after the embarking - have no savefiles because i dont was the host and two days has already passed

@Relyss 1525051999339.rar (7.6 MB)

That is my save file