Booped...wait, what did that squirrel do?

So i noticed this today:

It seems, that Tessa Winset had an encounter with a squirrel at some point, where the squirrel booped her…What is that? i tried to google it, but i found nothing that could indicate what that squirrel actually did to the hearthling…
Is it something american? Is it something new that i dont know about yet? Is it something only squirrels do?
Could anyone please help me to figure this out, so i can peacefully walk through the forest without being nerveous about being booped by squirrels? Thanks :jubilant:

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I found some definitions online that are what we mean:

Boop is most commonly used to describe the action of touching something on the nose or head in a cute manner.

Affectionately poking someone on the nose.

Something like that. The booped thought of your hearthling is caused by the new system for conversations with animals.


Thank you Relyss :jubilant: