Bolete colony not working

I’m just wondering, how does one propagate a fungus colony?

My herbalist is the correct level, and there is a living colony near, but it keeps telling me i need the whole fungus and not the basket. help?

Mok ^-^

You have to pick up the mushrooms without harvesting them. Click on them, and select the red up arrow, to carry it to your storage, then the Herbalist uses it in that form.

yes that is the way
if you want to increase the amount of fungae you can plant don’t harvest all of them but put more than 1 colony in your storage and have the herbalist maintain a certain number
this is per type of fungus

Yes, as others have mentioned, you need the “uprooted” fungus (the one you can plant back) and not the edible basket of mushrooms :slight_smile:

Fungi as a whole will be a dwarven thing, they’ll have much more control and capabilities to use them, reproduce them and even farm them. That’s why it feels a bit lackluster for other kingdoms (although still possible) - it’s indeed not meant to be so viable for them. A special quest will allow you to unlock the same “fungi abilities” that dwarves have, however (similarly to how you can unlock bone carving or geomancers)

That was it, and it’s working now.