Blank/Beardless Dwarf Template


Little Dwarf Template I made as there isn’t one currently available! Hopefully you guys like it. As it is an unofficial model it does not have the same size ratios as the official model in the recent post, but the best estimate. The main difference is the head/ear positioning.

Here is a link to the download, enjoy ^.^


FYI, Kingdom won’t crash every 10 minutes… So, yeah.


well, i love the idea of seeing folks offering up resources for the community already… so :+1:

im not too keen on the eyebrows, as it makes him look somewhat Groucho Marx… :stuck_out_tongue:

but other than that, im digging the model… keep cranking away!

and as for discourse dying every 10 minutes… well, yes… that does suck…

however, keep in mind the instance is horribly undersized for the traffic its trying to serve… if we suddenly slam thousands of users elsewhere, and host massive amounts of animated gifs, they will feel the strain as well… :wink:


Not sure it will crash or strain at all when the server has 32gb of RAM to be used :wink: Not to mention 72TB of Storage Space and Unlimited Bandwidth on a High-Level processor :blush: (While I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, I’m saying the chance of it happening is super duper small) but hey, bring on the users :smile:


True… Do you happen to know exactly how many members there are on this particular forum?

I mean, discourse is literally about 6 months old I think, no more than a year, but still, it is quite a few people…