Blacksmith has wrong text

So I noticed when I finally got a blacksmith for the first time that when he leveled up I was informed that he is now capable of making a solid array of basic furniture. I think the text for the blacksmith’s level up abilities have been copied directly from the carpenter without being modified for the blacksmith’s actual job description.


The Blacksmith’s 10,000 hours ability reads that it gives him new ways to work with wood

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I’m fairly confident this has been reported previously, but I am having difficulty searching from my phone…

dang phones can be so useless sometimes… :wink:

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yes thats correct BUT its not implemented :wink: sooo perhaps when the groundsystem fullfunktional ^^

I think there are several things in game that are not implemented yet but they forgot to put a “[Not Implemented]” label to them.

Anyway it says “wood” which is probably a copy of the carpenter same ability (it should be another material).

This specific text has not been reported yet, I think. But I’ll merge it with the other blacksmith text bug because it’s directly related.

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this is at all jobs where they use a workshop :wink: and there is the information not implented :wink: i have already mention this while my translation :wink: