Blacksmith/engineer disconect


small thing I noticed that seemed to be a bit of a bug

to promote a blacksmith to an engineer you need a blacksmith of level 2 and an engineer’s Wrench…
however you need to be level 3 to make the wrench.

the herbalst/ cleric
the potter/masion or the mason/potter ( depending on what faction you choose)
both need level 2 and you can craft the item by that crafter at level 2

not sure if this would need to be adjusted


The idea with cleric is pretty clear: you need a cleric, you get a herbalist, level it up to 2, and convert. The idea with engineer is slightly different: you need an engineer? really? why? ok, you’re probably just out of things to do. here, get a second blacksmith, level him up to 2, and have your 1st lvl.6th blacksmith craft him a wrench.


sorry to poke you @Relyss was this a mistake? :thinking:

oh on a side note the new unsable a24 still shows alpha 23 unstable :laughing:


i imagine your not supposed to convert your first blacksmith to engineer… rather make a second one to level 2 to upgrade… which is the reason.


well a cleric takes level 2 and the talisman used to promote them ( the book) requires level 2
for RC the mason requires level 2 potter and the item requires a level 2 potter as well, same for TA you need a level 2 mason to both craft the potter chisel and to promote to a potter

to me you should only have to need level 2 to make the item since you can promote at level 2. all the other classes need an external crafter


the difference there is you cant use the engineer without the blacksmith… all the other class promotions are standalone and can take care of their job on their own… the engineer however requires a blacksmith to function… so they expect you to use your second blacksmith to make an engineer… and not your first one.


promote your blacksmith to a engineer then promote someone to a blacksmith that way you still have a blacksmith


that would leave you short on iron bars to make iron cogs with – though there’s a good chance that a well-stocked town could actually get their rookie blacksmith up to ironwork while the new engineer is stuck making bronze cogs at level 1, I reckon @AdriannaVentara is on the right track with that reasoning.