Biome Buildings

I know that team Radiant glanced over this in their pizza party, but will building in different biomes change the style of the building? An example would be if I built a basic house in a desert, would it build an adobe style house? Or an igloo in a snowy biome? If you can explain it to that would be great.

My guess (don’t quote me on this) is that the biome will influence the type of building by providing different types of houses. For example, if you were on the edge of a desert and forest, and you chopped some logs and stocked them in the desert, would building the house out of logs make it an adobe house just because it’s in the desert? Nope. It’s gotta be based on the building material. In the desert, some sort of clay or mud brick type thing would be more common, so that’s what would probably be used to build houses. I mean, using logs in a snow biome doesn’t turn the logs into ice or snow blocks. It would still be a wooden house, right?


absolutely! given what we received as a stretch goal… it seems likely they will make each biome have a distinctive building style…

Glacier Biome: Snowy, icy lands with unique building mechanics for igloos and frost forts!

You guys are forgetting that what kingdom you will change your buildings (3 Playable Kingdoms was one of the KS Stretch Goals)


accoring to the wiki these kingdoms dont have unique building styles.

“These groups will not have unique build styles, but each will have
specific perks that come when playing with them.”

This is my humble opinion, but the fans of Stonehearth (@SteveAdamo for example) have almost definitely acquired more knowledge of the game and its features than the wiki has to offer. It’s still young, and because the game isn’t actually playable, the guys over at Curse haven’t really sunk in much time and effort into snooping out dev info. Passionate fans, on the other hand, have. At this point I would take everything on the wiki with a grain of salt.

EDIT: I totally just blew smoke out of my a**. Apparently Tom was asked this during a recent livestream and stated that building styles will not be restricted to a specific kingdom.
Bows grudgingly to Curse


Have they put much into pretty much anything? No, it’s the inhabitants of those forums that do all the work.

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while i appreciate the sentiment, i am but a mere fan… a handsome, incredibly intelligent fan… some might even say awe-inspiring… but at the end of the day, just a fan…

a very, very handsome fan…


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