Bigger Map +question

Pls add bigger maps to the Game. That little garden isnt enough for me. And could someone tell me if there still is the 1000 day Limit? Because this keeps me away from playing this Game. Awesome progress btw

I don’t think anyone on here could tell you from actual game experience, 1000 in game days is an awfully long time. It takes 3 minute 30 seconds to play 1 day at 3x speed with no simulation lag.

Therefore 1000 days would take 175 hours to play at x1 speed, that is without pausing and without any lag at all. That is more than a week of gametime.

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Why people think there is or there was a 1000 day limit? This makes no sense!

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I saw that there is one in a previous alpha. I read a book or something. and there it was written down.

well thats nothing for me xD

@Darkbleadx i would love to see something you have made using the entire map :slight_smile: Im at the moment trying to spread out my town, but it takes time…

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spreading a town out is nearly impossible given the way the AI works currently for the workers and footman and such. on top of that the lack of reason to even go out and expand a village beyond a certain point is also a problem. There are no dungeons randomly generated, no big bosses to discover, no OTHER villages that get built up by an AI or something, so even if you consider this map too small for your own creations there’s still plenty of space for the vast majority of players of this game given the problems it has currently in terms of late game content.