Beaver like orc/goblin mob

Now I am not quite suggesting an actual beaver. What I am suggesting is a mob that have a similar behavior that goblins/orcs train to make dams.

unsure if possible at this time, but sure a temp work around could be made. This would be something for the temperate region for obvious reasons of needing water.

The essence of it is that the trained critter/mob would build something like scaffolding from wood to cross water, but in the form of a dam. Water will flow through it, hence me using the term scaffolding. Granted it wouldn’t be a dam in the sense that is blocks water, but in the sense it would be something enemy units could use to cross water. Forming a temp shallow water bridge they can cross.

So in a sense beaver-like. Have not really thought up what the creature maybe, as it is the concept I just had in mind after my cousin and I were playing ARK: evolved. Of course I wouldn’t expect something like the semi-powerful beginner beaver of that game, but the concept of beavers in general; which is the building of a dam like structure in water.

Probably a suggestion for a later date maybe, but gives other options in Siege for enemies.

Note: That ARK beaver level 1 own the both of us; but thankfully he had a nice crock to help out. Who would of thought beavers could be so powerful. >< :stuck_out_tongue: