BATTLEPUS! and Heimerdingers Qubicle Creations

ya I have been told xD, but vps tutorial showed how to make them, I need a qb to obj exporter before I can try though till then im working on this

updating the mediafire soon

edit: my friend wanted me to make this too so that’s also in the file now

edit: oh my gosh its almost 4am but here is something next level incoming

here is the male one being worked on, I will finish it when I wake up




this game needs more bad things



i might make siege kangaroos later…maybe…also perhaps a variant kangaroo with something that doesnt belong in the pouch…like a turnip lol, all the qbs added to first post

also working on offhand versions of everything in the spirit of alpha 8 :smiley:


adding a new folder in my qbs in first post with a bunch of ‘‘head qbs’’ that u can put in your game to get colored hairs



Here’s a sneak preview of the Nekomancer @Heimerdinger has been working on. I’ve been just helping with some light coding. Looks pretty cools so far. :wink:

The Nekomancer will be a new class in the game that will use their furry friends to send the Goblins right to their graves. As the Nekomancer levels up they will acquire more Nekos making them even more deadly.

This is early in the works and so far only the female version is modeled out and such, but @Heimerdinger has plans for a male version as well.

Thanks @Heimerdinger for making all this content… :slight_smile:

Disclaimer this was all done through .json’s, only the world was generated via lua scripts…[quote=“Heimerdinger, post:34, topic:9374, full:true”]
‘‘light coding’’ lies !!
I think not :slight_smile: lol


‘‘light coding’’ lies !!

edit : updating the legendaries in mediafire to have male midnight robes and shields


1st one
perhaps for a blade dancer class or something

the other 3 animations afterwards are my nekomancers neko attacks!!! :smiley:

edit: I got the sword throwing one working in game :open_mouth: !!!

sorry i move around so much in the video the best look at them are the last 2

edit: anim sword test 2 here is a better one

and here is my second sword throwing anim/attack

a new blade dancer dance

nekomancer spawning kittehs

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its been a couple months i was occupied with a part time job and now i have a new computer

totally unrelated to stonehearth but it has to be shared

George not voxeled, he is beautiful

Edit: theres a textured version of him and petunia in here somewhere :open_mouth:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet also Isometric mini versionssss, they are amazinggg


I’m not sure if this is necro posting or not, sorry if I am.
How did you get you weapons to line up in the hearthling’s hand? Mine currently stick out of the characters back.

no worry’s about necro posting, its better then creating yet another topic for us mods to merge :wink:

[quote=“yetihead90, post:37, topic:9374”]
How did you get you weapons to line up in the hearthling’s hand? Mine currently stick out of the characters back.
[/quote]what program are you using for the swords? heres a handy little tutorial that was written to show how to get weapons in the right place,

The Sword of my mod don't stay right in the hand


Hi!,I really like all your models!
I need a Program to animate my models anyone have one?
Thx for the attention :smiley:

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Awesome, thank you VERY much. I also found out, through some trial and error, that the armor qb file should only be editted in VoxelShop. I opened one in MagicaVoxel first and it converted the armor, and all it’s pieces, into one whole piece, which made the armor stationary in the game. Once again, thank you for linking this tutorial.

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i also discovered this awhile back…:wink:

its because magicavoxel only allows for one matrice, so it cant do anything that requires animations.

guess who got qubicleeee


ive always wanted to try this ever since i learned u can drag pictures into qubicle to make models but never had qubicle

and here it is

tom what in the world are you doing in my game, you sly dog


There needs to be a mod where once you place that tons of Tom quotes start showing up in the journal.


when you load a picture into quibcle can you say how much voxel it should use? when yes i thin you can give the picture a higher resolution :wink:

and then we make a mod of all of the team xD


i could give the picture a higher res but then the picture would be ridiculously large xD i had to shrink it in half to make it look like this

this Tom is 97x72x1

like i know you can give them a higher resolution and then just use this function to make it ingame smaller “scale”: 0.5 (in the json) etc.

i have use this for the forge ^^

edit: ok sry forgot that 0.1 is 100% so 0.05 ^^



if you want i can help to make a mod out of this :wink:

And this mod is your fault :wink: [MOD] Retro Games