Basic Bugs and a Quick Suggestion

A few basic bugs that have probably already been noticed and one suggestion.
Basic Bug #1: When items are placed in stockpiles will often be placed on top of/inside each other. This causes issues with selecting certain building materials but other than that does not affect gameplay significantly.
Basic Bug #2: Not entirely a bug, it is probably coded into the game but a half suggestion; While you’re designing a building template, it would be cool if it were easier to pause the game. Right now, if you’re designing a building (or maybe it’s just me) and you press esc to pause the game, it closes out of the build without saving. Maybe make an option to have building drafts and if you press escape, prompts you to either save as a draft or discard the build.
Suggestion #1.5: I’ve seen reports of hearthlings getting stuck,but a suggestion for at least keeping them from dying is having a pop up if your hearthling is hungry and doesn’t eat for more than one day in the daily report or something along those lines so that someone who doesn’t look at the gripes in the journal enough to save someone doesn’t lose a stuck hearthling. Maybe an option to mute or un-mute the notification (Your Hearthling _________ is in danger of starving, [take me to the hearthling!] [Dismissal Message] [mute notification])

Steps to reproduce:
Bug 1

  1. Simply have a lot of resources coming in (especially, I’ve noticed, lots of food all at once)

Bug 2
1)Start a building and press escape. again not really a serious game ruining bug

Expected Results:

  1. Every once in a while, items will stack on top of each other
  2. The build will close without saving and without pausing.
    Actual Results:
    Both happened for me
    Again, none of these are completely game-ruining but they annoy me and/or were frustrating after designing a building for a few hours and having it completely disappear
    Version Number and Mods in use:
    Alpha 17 and no mods
    System Information:
    Not system dependent

hey @nick, welcome to the discourse :slight_smile:

you can pause the game by hitting the 1 key. 2 is for play, 3 is for 2x speed. esc will pull up the menu

hope that helps

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