Bananas Are Radioactive

its true its on the internat and all.
i like bananas so much… tasty dersert.

bananas plz dont be radioactive!

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I feel like you would like my greatest achievement, this thread:

This is what I would call art. :art:

I … well… the thing is… what??

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it tru

bananas r radioactive

Oh god, not this old thing again. What the heck, let’s scare people…

First, bananas are just especially radioactive. But it could be worse - you could take a transatlantic flight from London to New York - that’s the same radiation dose as 400 bananas! And the radiation dose at the Fukushima town hall two weeks after the accident at the reactor there was equivalent to 2.5 transatlantic flights (1,000 bananas).

For the ladies, that mammogram is the equivalent of 4,000 bananas - or a whole year of normal background radiation. Meanwhile, CT scans of your chest are in the region of 70,000 bananas.

Now let’s separate the irrational from the clear-headed…

  1. The maximum legal safe dose in the US is 500,000 bananas. You need a dose of about 20 million bananas-worth to die.

  2. Oh, and let’s not forget that the type of radiation also matters tremendously.

I leave you with the inimitable XKCD…

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@Teleros Just to let you know, I know quite a bit about radioactivity. I was well aware of this fact, and how pointless it is to know bananas are radioactive.

On the other hand, this thread is not supposed to make sense. Please remove your completely reasonable and informative post immediately. Thank you.

i 8 lots yesterday so may die now


and to think i thought this day would play out just like any other ordinary Friday at the hospital?

thanks for the PSA @Teleros! :smile: :+1:


Glow in the dark bananas

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yeh glow in the dark.

Hi! @EpicDwarf here for Glow N’ The Dark Bananas. Powered by sheer power of uranium induced atomic radiation, as well as the amazingness of the banana itself, and activated by, well, I dunno, it’s a banana, so who cares. It’s greedy conglomerate and corrupted government approved and it’s safe for, well, who cares, but it’s totally not for consuming. I mean, who eats bananas anyway?

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Sometimes eating is the solution. If you use bleach, you’ll ruin your clothes! Wait, that was from the other commercial.It has the power of bleach except a gazillion times more dangerous without the damaging side effects of being useful!

When your regular atomic apple or pear just isn’t enough, supercharge it with Glow N’ The Dark Bananas. 100 bananas in every load of laundry, or anything in that matter, It will make your brights brighter! And by brights I mean it would could cause a dangerous explosion, and the light from the fires and explosion are what would be brighter.

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Your apostrophe is in the wrong place.

(Also, that “advert” seems depressingly realistic :stuck_out_tongue: …)

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So, sommerbreze may be banned until 2042, but atleast we still have this Topic to remind us of all the times he made us all deeply question our sanity and sexuality.

Actually the only thing he made me do was wonder whether he was a bot or taking, ah… medication.

We may never know what was going through his/her head…

I guess ignorance is bliss…

I was wondering if he was a bot too!

Nah, he was too smart to be a machine, but I’m not excusing him as smart.

So, it’s more likely that he was a little kid, or some really dazed and confused guy.