Backpacks management

Hi there

My mind told me that a flower don’t take as much space in a backpack than a sword or an armor.

What if the differents items take a different number of slots in a backpack ?
And it should be great to have a command to empty the backpack of a specific Hearthling.

I agree with the empty command, but as for the flower bit, it’d be better for flowers to be grouped together into 1 slot. it’s much easier to implement than weight. so essentially, when your hearthling picks up a flower and wooden sword and finds there’s no room in his backpack for a block of wood, think of it differently - he’s not picking up a single flower, he’s picking up a box that just so happens to be completely empty save for 1 flower. what this would do is allow your hearthling to pick up many flowers without clogging his inventory, while not changing the carrying mechanism from slot-based to weight-based. and this isn’t diablo, so no 2x5 slotted claymores.