Automatic point allocation

Ok, so I had an idea while playing

I find myself constatly re-assinging points to my hearthlings (I disagree taht the game shouldn’t be micro-managed, right now its quite necesary)

I find myself doing a lot of point tracking- Ok, I took 3 points of intelligence away from this citizen so I could give the crafter a perfect 6 of intelligence, now I dont have to worry about it, and the crafter is working at peak efficiency

Is ther any way we could do this natively in game without having to do it on paper? say, instead of having new hearthlings have their own stats, we could have them bring in “Citizen points” a set # of points for each of the 3 abilities to give to other hearthlings or itself. (say, you ahve a passionate herbalist, yet you have no use for him, set all of hiss stats to 1 and give his intelligence tom people who actually need it, say, the passionate blacksmith with heart of a crafter who sadly ended up with a 1 intelligence)

The way to balance this, is taht not all citizens can bring in the same ammount, it could be random, or based on city value/worth

Heck, if we can set it to do automatically (have all crafters automatically gain intellligence until their stats are X number, body until its X number, and spirit until its X number, with the order of crafters being X)

Its kinda what kingdoms and castls did with their recent job system (its absolutly amazing, it removes ALL of the job frustrations, if youy dont ahve enough workers on something, you can quickly see the problem, rather than have to cl-ose down workpalces one by one)

What do yall think? thie would eliminate a LOT of the frustration of getting people with awesome traits, but horrible stats (I am sure you ahve all known the passionate foot man, Albert-noodle-arms and no physcial strenght-eisntein, or passionate crafter -what is a hammer- Smith)

devs… please?