"Automatic" mode


Will there be some kind of option wherein the game will automatically select the most “standard” job / build for a new character for players that are absolutely new?

By this I mean that it’d be different from Dwarf Fortress (which I think this game will resemble almost by definition) in that the developers have an idea of how the early game OUGHT to play out, and thus an option would exist to immediately assign newly hired “minions” into necessary jobs for the early game.

A bit of hand-holding for the newer players if you will! (Not that we’d all need that, but the game concept seems similar enough to DF and I don’t think DF has this as a feature at all!)


The most “standard” build would probably be to promote one worker to a carpenter to get some building buffs, then make some farmers and military units to protect your town and start growing your civilization. We want to gently steer new players in that direction, but still let hardcore players do what they want right from the get-go. Dwarf Fortress is awesome, and is a big source of inspiration for us, but we do want to make it much more easier for new players to get into it and learn the different mechanics at their own pace.


When creating workers, can I pre-select what they will promote into? So I can queue up a worker and just give an order to immediately promote him to carpenter without having to select him as he comes out?

DF is definitely fun once you can navigate how arcane the UI is. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rather specific questions, sorry!)