Attack scale & variations (unblockable attacks)

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This is one of the few things that has bugged me for a long while in StoneHearh, and that’s the fact that all attacks are badically variations of each other and can be dodhed or blocked in some illogical ways

Say a giant golem smashed down his arm, a footmen in a physical sense must either stap back to avoid getting crunched, or kite sideways to do the same
But in our lovely StoneHearth, they can block it with a small sword or dodge it by jumping UP, which would usually lead to a quicker death, which isn’t a problem if that was what they wanted

This looks a litte…‘odd’ in many cases
Though i got a little use to it and am now just like “okay,… i guess?” As an artist that sees all of this it’s a little bothersom, and feels like untapped potential for diverse combat approaches

My suggestion would be to have tags to attacks(magic, malae and ranged) and defense(blocking and dodging)

Lets say we had a mage, and he/she casted a fire-ball spell and a projectile is coming towards a footman, the projectile/attack eill have the tags [magic, small_projectile, fire]
The tag ‘magic’ will mean that the projectile is unblockable by small pysical shields and weapons but blockable by things such a s magic and if the attack is small enough, a large shield; ‘small_projectile’ will mean that the projectile is dodgable(maybe even deflectable) and aso indicates that the magic is small allowing it to be blocked by large shields(it covers enough of the body); ‘fire’ would just mean that the atrack has elemental properties (you can imagine what that does)

And the opponent will have capable defenses
ex) a footman has an option of dodging the attack as he is fast enough, but cannot block as he has no appropriate equipment(his blocks are ineffective)

A Knight in the other hand is defenseless as he neither has a fast movement speed(heavy armor) nor a large enough shield(only has small shields) or will blok with a penalty of only blocking part of the damage

If we had a juggernaut(a massive shield) he will be able to block it with no problem as his shield is large enough to block a small magic projectile

A mage will have a magic barrier that will absorbe all damage as long as it is magical and not physical(maybe with a similar penalty as a knight would)


Tags here for defense will be

  • Footman : [Dodge_horizontal], [Dodge_vertical]
  • Knight : [Block, small_shield] ((only blocks a small portion of the damage))
  • Juggernaut : [Block, Large_shield]
  • Mage : [block, magic_barrier] , [block, magic_shield]

Lets go through the tags

  • Dodge_horizontal : a dodge, means it can avoid any projectile, and vertical attacks

  • Dodge_vertical : a dodge that can avoid small projectiles and horizontal attacks, but not large magic projectiles

  • Block : guards, allows to block attacks depeding on the scale and type

  • Small_shield : block capacity, means it can block small end medium mele attacks and projectils, but only blocks part of magic attacks and projectiles(say… 30%)

  • Large_shield : block capacity, biggest shied that includes tower shields, can block any physical projectile or mele attack sacle below ‘giant’, and can block small magic projectiles with no penalty, but only blocks part of large magic projectiles

  • magic_barrier : block capacity, can block any magic attack including AoE attacks (could have a entensity scale) and only blocks part of a physical attack

  • Magic_shield : block capacity, can block any magic projectile, but no AoE (also could have intesity scale) and only bocks part of a physical attack

Thees would also be effected by equipment, a knight could have a magic shield that allows them to block small magicprojectiles in a tradeoff on taking a small bit of damage in physical attacks
Or a footman magic sword that trades physical damage and the capability to go through magic barriers in favor of deflecting a magic projectile

There could be much more variations in this, and we would have to simplify them in order to keep them organized, but i figured it would be super cool to have more of a counter measure and such in combat

Anyways, maybe i went into too much detail, or non of you get what i mean…

Oh well,

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