Attack On Titan



Might be a bug, might not be, but thought it wasn’t supposed to be happening. Got a Stone Golem and Giant Zombie going at it.

Undead and Orcs fighting each other on top of a mountain!

Undead, Goblins and Nature are hostile towards each other as they are their own “factions”.
I think it’s awesome that we can watch these fights fold out!


I like to think of my guys as just part of the circle of life/undeath, swooping in at the last minute to get the killing blows for the loot drops after the big guys have weakened each other enough.


they attack and kill all who come to close to the treasure. Looks like there is no exeption in this case :slight_smile:


i dont think this is a bug, but i’m going to page @linda just to double check. :slight_smile:


Not a bug, monsters attack anyone they are hostile towards (which includes enemy factions and humans).