Attack Groups [Suggestion]

One thing that I don’t like about the attack groups is that when they are fighting near an object you can’t really see their health so I would like it so that when you select an attack group in the top left corner their could be like portraits of the people, the weapon they are using and their health, hope you like my suggestion.

Swiftey Out

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this would be very helpfull. When the loot icons begin to pop up in the middle of the battle aswell, it gets even harder to see what is going on.

You can turn off Auto loot to get a clearer screen in Esc>Settings>Game play.

yes, but then i dont have autoloot… changing the problem is not solving it?

Yes I do agree with you that it is a problem not being able to see the health of the soldiers and having the screen cluttered with unnecessary text and notifications I was just simply suggesting a way to get your screen less cluttered and be able to see more, and possibly after battle manually loot objects.