Asus349 more weps [mod] {25 With Online and lan build Readly}

welcome to ruby dragon studios mods
this is the “asus more weps”

coming soon


more is on the way
download: coming soon
server: not readly
whats next!
Armor,ores,balista,NewAi,Newjobs,Ahero’s…and may be more if the code will work FPS mode?! >:3

Hey cool models, but do u want more in the mod then weapons?

yes now my brain is back this will have more weapons and suits and has more nicer things but you may have to get a other mod for this mod

hey this is not dead! i had unity class’s! i was taking and im back! so ill be putting this up as a Open soon where players and devs can build yaa also my unity game is all most dune too and i will add the link in a off tapic if you want to try it (its for when i was taking the class’s) :dragon: im happy to be back! now lets get to work!

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Nice! Here’s wishing ya the best of luck on your game!!