Armor gender specific?

When i was making my armor this question came up in me. Will armor be gender specific and if yes which parts.
If it is universal then modders will both have to make a male and female version of the same armor.
I think the only part that has to be different is the chest.

I personaly think that we either have to make 2 versions of it or its gender specific, but i dont think male and female will wear the exact same armor(sprite).


It’s a good point. Unfortunately, the only villagers we have seen so far in a video are male so we can’t know for sure but I would assume universal armour as its relatively easier and quicker.

True but if i look at thi picture for instance it looks like the female’s armor is really diferent

Let’s take a look at actual designs of male and female characters… the chest and the feets are not similar while the hands and the head are. Based on that I would say that part of the armor has to be gender specific, to fit to the model and not make both genders look the same once they are in an armor.

Some pictures are here and here.

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i think that would be an unnecessary level of distinction… but thats just me… :wink:

If parts are the same (head & hands) and parts are different (torso and feet) then having universal armour with a particular section that is gender specic is the best answer. Which is what I thought was being said talked about rather than armour that is entirely different for the genders.

@dfre19 Absolutely agree with you… if I am going to create some armor, I will start from there and look if it feels right.

Will it be the standard issue fantasy female armor?

@Andarvi given their position on creating the female bunnies, i think its a safe bet that will not be the case… :wink:

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@Andarvi I think if the armour is the same as in that video it’d distract the other warriors,lol

Armour isn’t technically made to be gender specific in the real thing. You just slap it on and hope your strong enough to go into battle carrying it on your person, without getting tired, fainting and then ending up as crow meat.

So aside from women warriors being shorter of stature perhaps, or stance etc, they’d look exactly the same in solid metal; Unless the woman in question was built like a Truck (Take note, I’d like to have a massive Female warrior called ‘Helga’ who can rip trees out of the ground and beat people to death with them) there would be little difference. Just tuck all your bits in and hope for the best.

I personally don’t see it as necessary per say.


they show some armour on the kick-starter countdown for a woman knight (at about 3hrs in) and @Andarvi think they may of seen your vid on here as he says about a armoured bikini