Arenas for XP and entertainment

While playing on hard mode I require alot of footmen and people to fight in general. Due to the large group of fighters I have it makes it difficult for them to advance in level. I thought it would be cool to have a place that they could battle one another and gain XP. This could also provide as entertainment for the Hearthlings to increase morale. Plus it would add something cool for people to create and experiment with different group tactics and mixture of units.

In the middle of my town it would look so dope to have a little Colosseum. Maybe add a traveling merchant that will have creatures in cages that I could release into the arena. This way while playing in peaceful mode there can still be the element of combat.


Also possibly make it so your trappers could knock out some enemies to place in the arena. There are some hearthlings that irritate me to the point that I would like to see them die. I have one thats mind health and spirit is a 1/1/1. Wouldnt mind losing her and starting up a nice little graveyard for my town.

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This sounds awesome! and with the hearthlings watching it could draw them from all lands near and far and bring exotic traders or more hearthlings to your town given certain parameters. and the captured creatures! Oh im getting my nerd on for this… i hope they bring a way to capture and “tame” anything to fight in these arenas or just to capture as a testament to being just awesome! it could have an added complexity like having to feed it to keep it in its cage but how awesome would that be if you could set traps to catch like orcs or wolves that you can either display as a living trophy or make fight for entertainment in a mini arena or simply catch for sport. then for transporting them you could use a Wagon as someone else previously suggested to transport the cages, oh i love it when things come round circle! I love this game!