Are they working full-time on Stonehearth?

I should start by saying that this question is genuine; no snark implied, not trying to imply that
they’re moving slow or whatever, just genuinely curious… did the kickstarter generate enough
money for them to develop this full-time? Or are they balancing Stonehearth with other work?

They now have a team, so i would think they are working full time… they also have a new office.
Note that they are ironing out the path-finding at the moment, (the AI in general) it takes quite awhile for ai to be worked on. But normally they update constantly.

They are working full time. Polishing the main engine takes its time, but after that, adding the rest of contents will be a piece of cake. Other later functionalities could take a bit of time, too, but not as much as this (probably).

no snark received… :smile:

yes, the team has grown to six members (Tom, Tony, Stephanie, Albert, Chris and Doug), who are all full-time committed to the development of Stonehearth…

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