Are stone fences good for something?

It’s really unfortunate. Aesthetically, I like how they’re kind of this semi-makeshift line of rocks in the ground to discourage people from getting in but aren’t a serious defensive implement. In practice, they’re significantly more costly and time-consuming than a normal building wall and take a lot of time to place down, since you have to place them one-by-one. Like, it’s a serious enough discrepancy that I’m actually just as likely to assume I’m missing something than that it’s a design oversight.

at first they are decorativ ^^ so i use them mostly for my animals ^^

also you can download the mod endpieces where you can place 10 at one :wink:

They are good for fencing!

Anyway, Wiese2007 is right. You can grab the mod on Praise.


Additionally, unlike a regular wall, you can move and reposition then: a significant advantage