Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (better fishing and expanded campaign)


Has anyone seen or have a seed# of having a lagoon/lake/pond in the map area? not looking for the edge of the map to create it.


I agree; the larger variant might do well with their own name. “Kraken” maybe?


I… don’t understand what you mean by ‘Optimized’?

I don’t believe simple model changes like color actually do anything to better performance, even if they have some I bet it’s too small to even notice

Also, did you ask for permission from Bruno?, it’s nice of you to try and help, but it would be better manner to ask the original creator if it’s okay to make a mod or content made/altered from the original


I’m so sorry Hyrule Symbol nowi know it.
i deleted my port,sorry :frowning:


No need to be so sorry, you’re intentions were okay and i won’t blame you or anything, perhaps ask Bruno if you can upload the models and such? i bet you still want them to check it out, just ask, i’m sure he isn’t furious about it


i gived a message for Bruno.If he agree my model,i’ll upload later.Thank you Hyrule Symbol,you reminded me :sweat:


Nope. There was one I would use, Rocktopus, for an old plan where it would be made of rocks, but I quickly dropped that idea.
I just remembered of that random name generator site (here if you guys want to use too:, later I will try to get some ideas there.

Uhm, sorry. In this new generation it will be extremely hard for such feature to generate… The island are more “smoothed” now, so inner lakes will probably not be easy to appear. I will roll a few seeds and see if I get some, but I doubt it…

I found this one, after rolling 5 or 6 times:

About the _Little_Enderman help, we talked in PM. It was a good reminder of some things I need to update. The containers are flipped (because MagicaVoxel sucks) and the 2d fish sprites are bad because I suck. I will update those in a next update.

And I’m almost finishing the octopus.

Cubemitters are hard!
What is missing now are future attacks for the bigger version (will probably be twice the size of a hearthling) because I think it will need animations with heavier movements, but I will only work on that when I need the bigger version.
And also the monster_tuning settings, so it can become easy to use with campaigns and those daily random spawns, and also its difficulty could scale with the player progress, unlike the hack way I did with the cocolings where everything is constant and hardcoded.


i actually havnt played StoneHearth in a while and forgot how shepards work sorry xD


The fisher is cool, but I feel it could stand to be more like the trapper as far as the auto checking and placing of things. You may be already planning this and the current system is just a stopgap but dragging “fishing zones” would be pretty sweet


Funny seeing others using that :smiley:

Funny thing that, I was just going to PM Bruno about an idea for that, when I noticed it’s already been suggested here. As you can see here, I recently suggested the addition of several new zones (fishing being one of them), as I think if we can get that working, then it would be automatic and zero maintenance. tl;dr of what I speak of:

There will of course be challenges with making it register whether water is in fact nearby and have the hearthlings actually stand by the water’s edge and fish only there and not in a pool of grass, dirt or stone, but I think those are more than solvable.


This mod has amazing potential. Few suggestions:

  • The Fisher needs to be automated badly, either by adding zones or making Tier 2+ traps and fish baits auto-harvestable (so Fishers visit them from time to time and collect their content). Sadly I have no idea how to mod that.
  • Crab Traps breaking after time make Fisher fall to Trapper in terms of effectiveness. Should be permanent for balance reasons.
  • If I recall correctly there is no Fish Pie recipe while all meat types have corresponding pies in the Cafe mod, I think Fish Pie would be a nice addition.
  • Shouldn’t Oysters live under water?
  • Sea Stars are too curly, they should be more blocky to fit Stonehearth style.


It is already done in my private version. I’m just polishing it more before releasing it. You can see a working version here: Twitch

That was never the case, if your traps are breaking there is something wrong.

Fish Pie is a nice idea, even though kinda repetitive. I understand the appeal as it would be useful for someone without trapper or shepherds.

At first there was no objects in the water because the default generation didn’t allowed it. But the current version has it, you can see oysters both in the sand and in the shallow waters. Players can move them elsewhere too if wanted.

Agree, they have kinda a high resolution compared to the other objects. I just couldn’t make it look good in other shapes or lower resolutions. I will try something again.

The new version with the updated fisher will be released when the game get a new stable version. Not just because it is stable, but more so I can have time play testing and polishing it.
There is one more feature I want to add before it, which is hearthlings making ladders to climb the palm trees to harvest the coconuts. There is no gameplay reason for it, I just think it would look cool.


Here’s my attempt at the starfish models, feel free to use them if you like them.

About the Oysters: what I meant is they should spawn only in the water, because they cannot breathe air in reality.


I really like your starfish models. @Pawel_Malecki


OMG you added fishing i’m so happy lol. This is still my favorite mod out there


One more thing: I’d love Papaya, Smalea and Dranden saplings as crops. Any chances of it happening?

The problem is they should be enabled only if the player starts in Archipelago and need to be purchased if a different biome is played.


One more thing added to my todo list lol

I will try add it in this next update. For now it was just updating the fisher and adding the octopus. I also want to try making transport boats with a method I thought, it may work.


IRL, oysters generally live in tidal areas – so they actually spend a lot of time out of the water when the tide is out. They trap water in their shells and slow down their metabolism greatly so they don’t suffocate.

It would be awesome if we get tides later on to have oysters or similar rock-dwelling shellfish as a food source which can only be accessed when the tide is out!


Hi ya, just wanted to let you know of a little problem I’ve had. No matter what I try I can’t get my fisherman to craft pearl containers, I’ve got 34 pearls in storage, and 28 crates, queue and requeued the order for the fisher man, get rid of any other duties they had but no more pearl containers. Any tips or is this a fix for the next update?


hopefully that’s right, first time doing this sort of thing : P