Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (better fishing and expanded campaign)


Introduction to the problem:
I started searching for a good island to spawn a new town in, mainly to play the game as usual, but also to test things in it. The old save I had was lacking a lot of the new features, so it end up not being fun anymore and not useful for testing either.

I noticed that I rolled a lot of seeds, and rarely one would get my attention. Those that I tried and loaded a town in it, ended up with not much flat space to build and were very hard to play. I thought maybe it was just me being a noob not knowing how to build in such terrain. Many different towns later, and I’m here for research.

Those that play (or played) in here feels the same? The terrain is too hard? Islands too small? Etc… What are your thoughts?

Here what I tried and liked:
I changed the generation to have bigger and smoother islands.
(ignore the map icons, it can be reworked to not spam so much)

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And here a few old maps if you need comparison.

Old map generation


Just wanted to let you know I’ve been really enjoying this mod! The turtles and crabs are super cute, and the gameplay feels balanced whether you’re playing Ascendancy or Rayya’s Children. I always feel uneasy eating the coconuts dropped by the cocolings though :sweat_smile:


Hi Bruno, I have played this map rather a few times and enjoy it however when starting I find to have the same problem you seem to be experiencing at the moment where I will have to re-create the map 4-5 times to get some generation that I like and feel I could build with/have the space to build with.

Hope this answers the question.

Looking for island seed

well for the terrain its fun for me cuz its hard to find a balanced area, i like that you have to destroy areas or go higher to build more

as for the icons r there gonna be bosses? PLEASE XD


Now on palm trees. I feel the mechanic of the harvest tool getting only fruits and then having to click on the cut tree button for its wood is too different/strange from what you would see in the rest of the game. Well, ok, that tree should be different, as there is nothing like it in the main game., but I think you guys understand what I’m saying.

I’m thinking in changing it so the harvest tool will harvest the correct source automatically. If it has fruits, harvest those. If not, cut the tree. Thoughts? Maybe is there a better way and I just missed it?


for my appletrees i have done it so that it drops with the harvestcommand fruits and wood and if i want to cut them i can manully active the cutcommand

“stonehearth:renewable_resource_node”: {
“category”: “harvest”,
“resource”: “brewerymod:cooking:apple”,
“renewal_time”: “10h”,
“unripe_description”: “i18n(brewerymod:entities.trees.apple_tree.unripe_apple_tree.description)”,
“harvest_overlay_effect”: “stonehearth:effects:harvest_plant_overlay_effect”,
“resource_loot_table”: {
“entries”: {
“default”: {
“num_rolls”: {
“min”: 1,
“max”: 4
“items”: {
“apple”: {
“uri”: “brewerymod:cooking:apple”,
“weight”: 2
“log”: {
“uri”: “stonehearth:resources:wood:oak_log”,
“weight”: 1
“stonehearth:resource_node”: {
“resource”: “stonehearth:resources:wood:oak_log”,
“command”: “harvest_wood”,
“durability”: 6


I’m fine with the current mechanism. :slight_smile:

The new mechanism you mentioned may cause other problem. If players don’t want to cut the trees down, they will have to check each palm tree to make sure they have fruits on them, which is quite annoying I think.


That is really a good point!
But, although it is also annoying, at least it’ll become consistent with all other trees mechanics. For example, when harvesting an area with oaks, to save one specific oak tree we have to do the same thing, harvest around it, avoiding it.

And to harvest a group of palm trees at once is really tiring! :sweat_smile: I once had planted 30, and to harvest all those it was a pain!


That sounds reasonable. Then go ahead and make it happen. :wink:


Thank you so much for this i been looking for a island world seed and couldn’t find one but this is so amazing the only problem i have is i can’t place my flag down to start the game like as soon as i put the flag down i get a error which is release-707 (x64)[M]
…rth/services/server/game_master/controllers/node.lua:51: invalid nodelist passed to create_nodelist
stack traceback:
[C]: ?
[C]: in function ‘assert’
…rth/services/server/game_master/controllers/node.lua:51: in function ‘_create_nodelist’
…/services/server/game_master/game_master_service.lua:88: in function '_start_campaign’
bastioneers-master/bastioneers_server.lua:27: in function ‘start’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:420: in function <…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:418>. Which sucks because i really wanted to play this map :frowning:


That error is from the Bastioneer mod:

And that is because you installed it wrong. The mod should not be bastioneers-master, it should be just bastioneers


Ohhh thanks for telling me :smiley:


Hi @BrunoSupremo I really like your mod so far, and I would like to give my suggestions:
(Note: Things may have been said before)

-What was discussed some posts ago, Terrain is quite annoying. There are a lot of small height changes so I have to place a ton of ladders.
-What if trappers can trap crabs and turtles? You could get crab claws and turtle shells maybe for weapons/armor/food?
-If you could see the coconuts on the trees if they’re ready to harvest. You would see when you can harvest them otherwise I’ll forget them :stuck_out_tongue:
-Add coral? It could be used for decoration. like flower pots or something. You could do a lot with them!
-Add a different “group” like the ascendancy? In the theme of the islands of course :smile:. Maybe something Hawaiian?
-Boats that actually work! I want to sail to the other close islands. And it would be easier to go to the other side of the islands!

This is about everything I have thought of so far. If I can come up with something I will post it here. Thanks for reading!

quick question: Is it easier to start with rayya’s children or the ascendancy?


Thanks for your thoughts![quote=“CatBreakOut, post:145, topic:19962”]
Terrain is quite annoying.
Agree. Terrain will be changed, I’m already playing in a different terrain and I’m liking it way more. Expect it in the next version.

When I did the crabs, I was already planning for them to be captured by the trapper. They even have the necessary animations for it! But the problem is that the game does not differ the trapping areas, so if you added a trapping area up in the mountain, it would still spawn crabs up there, looking really ugly :frowning:
But! I’m working on a class for this task!

You can. It is just that with the top down vision it is hard to see. But pay attention before you harvest one, you will see the “brown bulb” disappear when harvested. The harvesting mechanic will be slighted changed.

Noted. Spawning items in the water (at world generation) is hard though. I tried before and failed. I will try again later for sure.

Too hard! :sweat_smile: It would be the last thing done, though I plan on having npc tribes/kingdoms in it, this (npc) would come sooner.

Working on it. I actually made them at least float now. I’m thinking in trying at least a simple ferry feature, going back and fourth between two designated points.

No idea… I would guess that Ascendancy is easier, but they always are… I tried to balance the biome for both kingdoms though.


Thanks for answering my post! I know that some things are kind of hard to do, but I posted them anyway. Just in case :merry:


coding question: how did you make the grass on top of the higher hills/mountains?


I modded the world generation code. So it generates the default terrain one block lower, and then one top of it adds the extra layer but this time with grass.


yah, found the code. I do understand (a little) how it works but don’t know how it was made. So, I’m not gonna fiddle on that. Thanks for responding so quickly. :merry:


is the Turtles & Crabs something that comes later with the latest version of this mod? i made a new town on todays livestream to get the new stuff but i saw no new animals so far but it felt like the world generation was a bit different.


They are like the other critters, and appear as you open the terrain fog.