Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (better fishing and expanded campaign)


Good to know you’re still active then Bruno :slight_smile: All your work is greatly appreciated, I chose to stick to alpha 17 and forsake the other A18-only mods for the time being because I found a badass looking “Fortress” island in this one and find the idea of building a bridge to expand much more fun than sprawling forests haha


Just wanted to say I’m in love with this idea! :smiley:


Is it soup yet? hows progress?


Biome updated! All information in the first topic!
Finally! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not near completion. Although you can expect no more changes to terrain and flora. Fauna has yet to be added, plus some other things.

And here is the resulted settlement I got from play-testing the biome (I’m so proud of these little guys)

Started building one of each default template

Organized my farms, my oysters, added two piers and started expanding with more houses

Finished the center square and started tier 2 builds

I realized that it would be better to avoid repetition, by using custom templates found in my site

Added a little boat and got some tree farms, I didn't want to cut the native trees

Pastures with chicken and sheep added, and many tier 2 templates started

All tier 2 completed, a few custom completed and a medium boat just docked in

A few more builds, a proper port, organized stockpiles, added decorations and details to many things, completed orc campaign

I never reached 30 hearthlings before, and never got a settlement this big. Unfortunately, it is too much for my i3 4gb onboard video.
Also unfortunately that right most build in the last picture got stuck and it is not finishing the roof… I’m guessing it is the cliffs in the way, even though from what I checked they can access any block, even the top most.

If anyone want this save for whatever reasons, here it is: Free File Hosting - Online Storage; Upload Mp3, Videos, Music. Backup Files


When I saw the updated biome…


you gonna make this A19 or is there no huge change and we can still use it?


No changes, it is compatible with a19.
Content wise I’m taking a break for now, too much stuff to do and I run out of creativity.


little tipp for extra smod

if you add

“deferred_load”: true,

to the manifest it will show in the modmenu that it will load when achripelago are used


XD thats not what i mean xD this shows only in the modmanger that you dont need to activate it because it will load automatically xD

Special halloween gift :)

Ive only played with this mod for like an hour, and i must say so far its the best. And i love it <3.
A huge thanks to the mod maker for making this mod.


Updated for Frostfeast compatibility!

If you play the Archipelago with the Frostfeast mod activated, you will notice that it will also be “winter cursed”. :wink:

Nothing changed compared to the last version besides applying the heavy winter theme.

Where is the normal Archipelago?
If you de-activate Frostfeast, the biome will change back to normal. It is two in one!

At the first post.


I don’t know if I can ask it here or not but here it goes : With this mod it would be so awesome having a fishing profession!
Like, even in the normal biomes it would be nice, but here it would be fantastic!!! I don’t know if it’s hard to do so that’s why I’m asking :slight_smile:


It is hard :stuck_out_tongue:
I already thought a lot about this and some ways to do it, even if in a simpler way than what people would expect.
There is someone else (can’t remember who now) that was attempting to create a fishing class.


was this it


looks fantastic. Add in a fisher class and im in :slight_smile:


just for info at the moment not compatible with a20 - gives errormessage:

release-689 (x64)[M]
…rvices/server/world_generation/custom_landscaper.lua:30: attempt to call method ‘_initialize_determiners’ (a nil value)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘_initialize_determiners’
…rvices/server/world_generation/custom_landscaper.lua:30: in function '__user_init’
radiant/lib/unclasslib.lua:270: in function '__init’
radiant/lib/unclasslib.lua:201: in function ‘Landscaper’
…server/world_generation/world_generation_service.lua:65: in function ‘create_new_game’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:150: in function ‘create_new_world’
…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:179: in function <…vices/server/game_creation/game_creation_service.lua:169>

while worldgeneration - other biomes works without issues


Yay! I was just getting into the Archipelago mod (My Hearthlings needed a vacation after the cold months of FrostFeast).


Oh also I made this if you’re interested.

It’s based off the FF lighting garland as a base so it should be the same size. (if that’s ok @Froggy?) I also started fiddling around with some bamboo wall and roof textures too. I think I’ll need to do the roofs in qubicle though because they’re made of multiple parts as I recall.

Lei.qb (11.8 KB)


That is really good. If there is no problems I can add it in.

Yes, there are specific pieces that it needs to have to work. I tried a few walls too, but had no luck.


Mod updated

At the first post


  • Compatible with alpha 20
  • Compatible with Tree Stump Mod (added stumps for all trees from this biome)
  • Added Pirate Ship template
  • Added sand to beach and ocean floor (it was technically just colored grass before, will drop clay and stone when mined). (Only in new generated map)
  • No farming (or hunting) in the sand or inside the water. (only in new saves)

I’m trying to add more thematic templates to it. The idea is to have 3 tiers. (unlocking them with specific missions)
As you can see in the mod, there is a few houses, pier and a small and medium boat. Of course it is not really good, cause I’m bad at it. So, I’m looking for better templates.
If anyone wants to collaborate with templates, that would be awesome. :innocent: