Archipelago Biome mod 🏝️ (better fishing and expanded campaign)


What are the other ideas for biomes? sea shells and starfish on the beach and small stones in the waters edge to give a better mix? oh and the crabs should be red and maybe only be build of 8 voxels max? hehe…


you can change the scale in the json file ^^ so that they will be smaller ^^ i have used: 0.6


Sea shells and starfish would be nice. How you imagine it? Just as decoration? I’m thinking it could work as a harvestable stone resource. From the small gameplay test I had, resources (mainly clay and stone) are super hard to get (wood too, but after you have a tree farm those are easy).
Yes, 8bit crabs! No, serious, that would be so cool :slight_smile:

The other biomes ideas are:
Sakura (all pink): this one is almost as complete as the archipelago, also lacking proper trees. (and a few other tweaks)
Volcano: worked good on my head, but super lame in-game (I think)… It is just a bunch of steep mountains with lava (orange water) at the top, and many small rocks scattered through the entire map.
And last my main, the reason I made all the others as exercise, the Swamp. I actually played a lot on this one already, and liked it a lot. But it also lacks customization, it is all vanilla assets. Terrain was almost the way I wanted, I can probably improve it now using a few changes that I learned and implemented on the others.


for the volcano - perhaps you can get the script from the frostfeast mod and change it so that there is heat instead of cold and that they must drink water etc. ^^

if you want i can try to make something like sea shells etc. but im honest im very bad at this ^^ because of this i point to @Kittyodoom xD

and yes i think sea shells and starfish should be only decorativ - because all other like ressources etc would be more then biome change xD for ressource its need new ressoruces and recipes etc.^^


That’s actually a really good idea for the volcano, it would add a big gameplay change! (and hide the simplicity of the map :slight_smile: ) But then I would need to have both lava and water, that would be hard to do. (Although possible, I think)

So, should I update this to a17 now? Just the terrain changes and bug fixes, no new tree yet. Or wait for a complete release?


I would love to test out the map! I love the design. I haven’t kept up with dev, but did you fix the bug where things got stuck in the terrain?


i think you should release it and lets test it :wink: feedback is whats needed i think xD


From what I tested, no hearthlings stuck anymore.
The bug was caused (I guess) by the same reason that created floating water bodies, too much terrain noise at terrain borders/divisions.

Ok, give me a few minutes to adjust the files and test it, and then I will upload the new version.

#50 (3.6 MB) (new, bug free, a17 ready)
Main post link also updated. Descriptions, images, etc, will be updated later.
No new trees or objects yet though, as I was only working with water and terrain, assets are just vanilla generation (copied from the desert)


Feel free to use that archipelago tree I made a while back, if you want. :blush:


I was just imagining the seashells and starfish as decorations, but i guess they could be great as resources! Would make a great biome for a more “survival” kinda Robinson cruoso gameplay? Dont know if that would even be possible with SH or maybe it would go againt the game mechanics…


I like it, but the lack of trees on most islands makes starting out a doozy if you play Ascendancy. I’d like to see it utilize berry bushes instead of cacti as well, gives it a more tropical archipelago feel, instead of the dry desert island feel it has now.


Nice! an update. So what’s new in the biome update?


Right now, just bug fixes (no more dirt holes in the ocean, no floating water above islands, no hearthlings stuck in invisible walls).
Also increased the size of islands (was too hard to build anything more than a couple fishing huts before, but it is still possible to find small islands, just rarer) and increased distance between islands…


Love what you did with the beaches. Feels more island-y now


You want to see some interesting World Seeds for the game? Visit this website World Seeds :wink:


it would be so cool if there was some boats


Is this going to be updated for the Alpha 18, by chance? It doesn’t seem to work with it, and most of the other fun mods like Stonehearth Cafe only work there now, but I absolutely love these islands and would like to have both.


could it be possible to make a big island with enough space between them that it seems to be the only one? :slight_smile:


It will, I just need some more time.

Not something I’m aiming here though, as I want to have at least 4 islands per map. But yes it is possible.
There is a setting (in the archipelago.json) called “bandlimit” inside the “noise_map_settings” section, if you increase that value to something higher than 6, maybe 10, it will make everything bigger and far.