Archipelago Biome 🏝️ (a24. Improved world generation. Caves. New items.)


Oh, no worries :smiley: I didn’t report it as a bug or anything, I just found it funny :merry:


Can I suggest a seperate cave mod? I think the concept is so cool and has so much potential.


That is the idea. But it will take time, I’m currently finishing other things.

To avoid my mod breaking the game when it gets updated in this next unstable, I updated it with a small fix. Only in Steam for now, as it is the only place where you have unstables.
Edit: the change I did worked, but there were more things changed that I didn’t knew about, I will fix it all soon.

But I shipped it with the ice fishing in it. So, if you guys are playing in the arctic biome, check the new fishing option. Is it strange? Unintuitive? Fine? Bugs?


So, I’ve just tried out Coconut Bombs for the first time. “I wonder how much damage they’ll do?”, I pondered as I placed a couple down in front of my turret line. A little bit later, two stray goblin wolves came to check them out…

I must say that my town’s defensive strategy has been revolutionised :jubilant: Honestly I’m tempted to place one near a local Black Cord crypt just to watch the fireworks.

You’ve done it again Bruno!


The mod doesn’t work with recent seasons update. It prevents crops from growing and farmers can’t plant anything new. Also the calendar is not advancing and the weather is gone, the traders don’t come, etc.
Also it generates an error when trying to start a new game, cause the seasons are missing.

After I add the seasons to the archipelago.json file, it looks like it’s mostly working ok, but the farmer still can’t plant new fields (already placed ones work ok).

I tried to find out more about that “get_crop_details” function but I failed since my knowledge of C++ is close to none…


This will be fixed in the next game release.