Archer Shooting From Inaccessible Level KILLS Performance Temporarily

Have an instance where Ogo sent his army after me, and yet my town is fenced off from him. Because I know my town isn’t ready for his army, I’ve been using my archer to pick his people off while he can’t get to me.

When the archer is firing his arrow or already has his target, the game plays normally, but when he’s trying to change his target or move to get a better spot, the game slows down almost to a standstill…then resumes once he begins firing again.

Save Game (7.8 MB)

Huh, if I understand correctly there should be a system in place specifically to deal with this kind of situation and prevent the game wasting resources on inaccessible pathing queries. Paging @Relyss who will know more about that…

The system was for the monsters hanging out of your town trying to find a path.
But there’s still an issue if we mix that with ranged combat, and we haven’t fixed that yet.

There was an attempt… but it broke more things than it fixed, so we had to revert it.
I will ask Albert and Chris to see if we have a plan for addressing this soon.

Thanks for the savefile, @SirAstrix!


no clue if I am understanding but personally think if you guys just coded in flying creatures you could get the material you need for ranged units to work better. as what is a projectile other then a flying unit with a timer and effect.

Though that may be royally miss understanding the problem.