Any user mod/idea to official releases?

Hi guys, lot of time passed.

today I installed the latest version and i found a lot of good surprises!

water functioning and earthlings working far more efficiently/humanlike than before!
Also i found out a lot of improvements all around!

from one of the latest Development Blog i saw that the radiant team is fighting to add others biome and explorations. and they took a couple of biome mod to show an example.

are any example of “user ideas/mods” already in the game?

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Things here were suggested by players, and eventually added to the game: Implemented Suggestions - Stonehearth Discourse

Also I think there were some models, like the clay garden gnome, that were adapted from users mods.

The biomes/exploration was a prototype, (which means it might/might not get into the game). We used modded biomes so that we could prototype faster without having to create new biomes from scratch, they were very helpful. We’re making this game with all of you :smiley: