Another Roman Kingdom

The town banner is interesting. So cute :grinning:

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I love how happy they are in the pictures :merry: That makes such a good first impression!

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I was hoping you would turn it into a kingdom! Well done on the innitial release front!

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Really love the idea! Also the Models are well done. Can’t wait to try it myself :wink:

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Yeah sometimes there are… Quirks.
Like if you ever get to effect editing: you need to restart the entire game to see changes there…

Hey, I was playing with this mod already! I’m Gunvarrel on Steam, and believe I left you a comment about the story progression. Sometime, I’ll try a run with JUST your mod activated on a vanilla biome, but I’m playing with friends right now.


@Wouter_Sikkema, i usually restart the game every time i make changes :laughing:
sadly it looks like for me most of the time it doesn’t work for saves(at least not the first time i implement sandals in any model but it works for fully removed parts :neutral_face:)

@Naevera, just saw your post.
first: Thanks for using it :grin:
second: sorry for the bugs
and for your issue, it might be the previous part of that campaign (messenger and letter with a gift):
the heart upgrade will trigger after at least 10 days and 2500 net worth
if still doesn’t work then let me know
(if neccesary use debug tools to force it: heart foreshadow dialog i believe)
i’ll be testing it :grin:

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Thanks. I started up a new game on an ALMOST modless save last night. I haven’t hit 10 days yet, so we’ll see.

I’ve been playing that save I talked about for a few days now. Seems like the quest progression is working pretty well. Currently I’m working on the Silk Road quest monument, blacksmith is taking his sweet time mining and smelting though. (Game engine issue, not mod issue. Happens every time I get to around 20+ Hearthlings)
My only issue is the problems with the Sagitarii and Capsarii that I mentioned on your Steam workshop page. Also the Legionaries are REALLY weak compared to vanilla Footmen. I’ve lost multiple fights in the game and had to have my citizens fend off an attack at the Town Banner, and then Rescue the injured Legionaries. But to be honest I wouldn’t say that’s an inherently bad thing; it makes the game much more challenging and interesting on the combat side.

well, to be fair romans lost a lot of times xDDDD and i didn’t want a stroll in the park :yum:
if you have problems facing ogos army just try with 3 legionaries and a capsarii and micro to kill weak ones first (normal dificulty and legionary set recomended… at least i do that way)
legionaries are able to wear bronze and iron armor but that will ruin the roman layout haha
i recognise that i need to add some offensive soldier but since i had no troubles with ogo i just left it aside
also glad to know the campaign works (at least to that point)
you might have some missing dialogs for the reembark

thanks for the report and testing the mod :smiley:

No problem. Thanks for making an awesome mod! :jubilant: Only other suggestions I have from you would also be a lot of text errors in the dialogues (which I forget at this point, and didn’t write down when I saw them oops) and to maybe add more names in the male, female, and surname name pools. As it is, a LOT of duplicate names have popped up in my time playing.

looooooool i know xD hahaha
i was tired the night i added those names… thats why all the male names are the surnames for everyone :sweat_smile:
i think i added something like 50 for each close to the base game…
i’ll fix that after some roman naming research
about your post in steam, i wanted to change the animation to something like the herbalist using bandages but i was busy with other stuff

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For anyone else, this site has hundreds of different names generators. Elf names, sea creatures names, city names, weapon names, etc…

You can go into the desired generator, then look into the html and find the js file with the raw names, that way you can grab the full list of names it has, without the need to keep generating random ones


“borrowing” from the greeks xDD

and from china throug sneaky trade by the silk road :innocent:


elite equipment comming:
one piece to equip the full armor!

this way the evocati (just the last tier armor for legionaries) will be the full armor and not for example
evocati body armor + bronze helmet + wicker shield

Evocati along with a standard legionary


hmm… looks like wooden armored chickens…

btw, need help to create containers that changes from the armor rack to an armor equipped armor rack
my last attempts failed :confused: (readed some post where this was proposed but no success so far)
i know about the container animation but when i try the item is shown in one of the corners of the container :confounded: (probably i’m doing something wrong between goxel, voxelshop and blender)


dropbox/drive download?

Maybe you should look at the date, when it was posted.
I’m pretty sure, that this mod is dead by now.


yeah its dead. it was already dead back when i started on my version of a roman kingdom, and it was still dead after i shelved that XD

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