Ankh-Morpork, please

In the latest livestream the topic of co-op play came up. Then later Tom talked about disasters and disease. Which is neat.

I would really like the co-op implementation where each player can build an independent city on the same map. Specifically, I’d love to be able to have my city and my daughter’s city separated by a river. Nice and close and yet independent to a degree.

And if one of them became a haven for the criminally-inclined, the unwashed and disease-ridden and wizards, then that would be very cool :slight_smile:


Then there would need to be hippos. And a new type of water…


and dont forget the thieves guild


Also a way to implement a pork futures market…

were gana need to implement barbarian heros including a very aged one with diamond dentures and a bad back and lets not forget a talking skeleton with an interesting personalety to come pick up the souls of the dead.

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Vimes better well be in this