Ancient Oak Tree description

this is really something small, but when you click on an Ancient Oak Tree the description says ‘It radiants a mysterious aura’ shouldn’t it be radiates not radiants?

yeah, I saw it a while back aswell.

a cool way to build your town is to build it around the tree.
this way you have a cool center for your town.

i started with putting cobblestone wall around it with tall braziers n the corners.
but now I build a round 1 high stone slab ring around it withroad going around it.

I use to make it as round as possible.

I say try it if you need some town ideas, or make your own version of it. its really cool looking

What does this tree look like?
Is it really obvious and does it spawn into every landscape?

Maybe it’s kind of a joke?
This is Radiant Entertainment after all

and that discription gave birth to the ‘Dryad Mod’ that i’m rowking on (witch is now called ‘the Mythical creatures Mod’)


Its just a big oak tree.