Anatolia, Venetia's little brother

I’ve already posted the pictures on the steam community but I really want to show one of my town to the forum.

Anatolia, A major merchant town in the Crimson Empire. With it’s high wall and numerous towers, the city is quite the challenge for invaders.

Areal view:

The high cathedral of the Church of prosperity is the centerpiece of the city, some say that it’s high priest is trying to topple the local government to make the city a Theocracy.

Docks view:

The hearth and soul of the city, or well , that’s what the merchants say. The dock is made to store high quantity of goods to trade back or accomodate the need of the city nobles. As well as greet the many boats that travel near the city’s estuary.

Top view:

On the right is the “bronze district” name given to hide the fact that it is the poorest part of the town and one of it’s most populous. The citizen there work in the fields or the docks to bring food on the tables.

In the middle is the cathedral and the famous Anatolians market , where you can find all means of exotic product that come from far in the empire. Some whisper say that they even sell slaves but city official’s strongly oppose these rumors.

On the right is the “steel district” which house on the far right the elites of the city, and on the other side of the canal the many workshop that work day and night.

On the far north is the “Gold district” that house the diplomats and dignitaries of other faction as well as the seat of the local government: A small council of the wealthiest merchants of the town.

Other pictures of the city and it’s surrounding:

The city at night:

The small fishing village of Alegria:


I love the stories you’ve thought up about your city. The architecture is impressive by itself, but you’ve developed it into an actual city.


Thank you! I’ve tried to give it a sort of “developped” feel. As in it would feel that the city was packed and very populous. I’ve encountered many, many bugs during the build phase but now that the main city is built there is no substensial bug that threaten the game so I’m quite happy with it. :slight_smile:

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Nice! Did you happen to make a template of those buildings? They look great!

Small suggestion for future screenshots; You can use Alt + Z to toggle the UI on/off, in case you don’t like seeing the bar on the bottom.

The build and the photos are quite old. If I remember correctly the option to save template wasn’t available then and well a tid bit of story originally it wasn’t intended for people to see it. I had accidently save it on the cloud and since I was a newbie then on everything steam related I just posted it on the steam community. They liked it so I kept the pics. If you want to see how I take photos now. There is my build about Solair Refuge. Anyway, thank you very much for your support. And I’m very sorry I couldn’t provide the templates.

From what I can tell, this was from r549, which was Alpha 15. Templates were introduced at least as early as A10, but of course save compatibility wa broken a lot before A15.

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