Alternative AI objective searching

So, I’ve not looked properly into the source code, but I have noticed something about the AI and how the AI chooses objectives to complete that I would like to offer some suggestions about. Currently, based off of other users’ comments, it looks like the objective search is based on getting the player’s location, searching for objects close to the player, and then attempting to complete the objective. The problem with this is that it doesn’t start off natively with the objects. The Hearthling (which I have previously mentioned as “player” – this statement to clarify) should have some method that tells it to do an activity, then search from the possible activities, for the closest, rather than the Hearthling have to search for an activity. Below is a list of things that I’ve noticed takes -forever- to complete.

  • Attempting to loot something far away
  • Moving items from a nearby chest to a chest farther away
  • Building a house in the distance
  • Collecting resources from a mine where the mine is far away

These objectives sometimes eventually get completed, however, it takes a long time for the AI to find them. Either the above method could be implemented (objective searches for player, player searches through those for closest objective, player completes objective) or instead have a way to manually tell a player which objective to complete.