[Alpha23+] BreweryMod


Congrats on 20 likes by the way!

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thx but have you seen who was the 20th like?

Sooo the answer is @Kurohito was here! She is on the way of recovery! So i want now to see a storm of good health greetings from all!


new version uploaded ^^

and i think i have fixed the count for all food + drink containers (also for blueberry)


It’s true, Kurohito herself is the 20th. I hope she is fine!

Have fun, Kyth.


I have a strange phenomenon: my cooks refuse to build the destillery. I can select it in the cook’s crafting menu and I have all the required resources. But the job is never done, then. Moreover, when I add another task, they happily perform that and continue to ignore the destillery.

Using A18-663 + cafe mod (plus some others, which add some furniture and doors).

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Hello here! I’m happy to announce that a compatibility patch is now available for Better Stockpile and Brewery Mod! You can check it here:


Also, when making the patch, I noticed some bugs in brewerymod:

  • The json file “amazing_blueberry_basket” is not formatted properly.
  • The meads are missing the “drink_container” tag.
  • The Fortified Wine has a “stockpile_prepared_food” tag when it shouldn’t.
  • Some warnings in the stonehearth.log about missing resources for anorien, canyon, grove and archipelago biome generation data.

Hope it will help.


hi thx for the feedback ^^

the amazing blueberry is just a placeholder at the moment (is now removed) and the warnings are normal because they only works when the biomes are installed :wink:

so fix for meads and wine is uploaded ^^


Hi Wiese,
The download link in this seemed to send me to a malware site. It’s ’ http://adf.ly/1bkla1’ is that correct?
Can anyone else double check that site? I have adblock on

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Its a false Info xD it happens sometimes for some Scanners xD


So i have removed it - looks like in the US there will be shown malicious advertisment -.- good that i live in germany - here they only want that i gamble xDDD

thx @yshan for pointing this out :smiley:


Is it working fine with the Alpha 19?

[MOD] Stonehearth Cafe (Cooking And Farming Expansion) 1.95

Because there wasnt any Infos about errors since weeks… I think it should :wink:


Brewery mod is working fine in alpha 19, I have not had any issues with it, including running it with the Frostfeast mod.

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Hey @Wiese2007 I want to make some Suggestion.
The normal peasant bread, I think it would be better not have a need for yest.
How about a hmmm citizen bread? better taste etc. but needs yest.
The wood Barrel has no real use, only for the distellery, needing it for each and every Juice and wine would be Overkill. But currently it feels out of place, with only one or two times to be used.
How about a high quallity Juice or wine?


Like said im just the contributer and I dont change anything until kurohito is back :wink: its here baby and I only hold it Active xD

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Oh, I may have missed that part … @Kurohito sorry. Thought the whole time that this was Wiese2007s mod …
Damn you Wiese2007 for taking all the credit :wink: hehehehe


@Wiese2007, @Kurohito, is there any way to make the water be collected in lots or be auto collected when needed?


Hello. Is it work for Alpha 20? this mod seems really fun!

P.S: you need to change the title to Alpha 19 or 20 just to make sure that it’s updated.


To the best of my knowledge, this is working - nothing in the mod should have been broken by A19 or A20 changes. The only feature I can think of that might have been affected is food quality.

Also, welcome to the Discourse :smiley:!