Alpha General Questions [the common stuff goes here]!

if you’re running via Steam, it should auto update… if you’ve previously used Humble Bundle, you’ll need to download/install the latest client from your applications page …

I didn’t get it from either I got it from the stone hearth page

then you most likely got the client via Humble Bundle… what did your alpha email look like?

don’t include any transaction details… :wink:

You mean my email address?

Cause I bought it a month ago so I don’t remember what i did

You will have received an email regarding the purchase so if you can find that you should just be able to find the links to your game.

For now everything will be located in your humble account: Humble Bundle - Sign In

When in your humble account just go to the Stonehearth page within your library, you will be able to download Alpha 4 straight from there or see a box that you can click to receive a steam key. If you do that, and redeem the key in Steam you should then follow these instructions:


I didn’t have a humble bundle account then, I never received an email

Ah what you’ll need to do is create a humble account - try and use the same email you purchased the game with.

Hopefully your purchases will automatically be linked to your account, if they are not try using this page once your account is set up and see what happens:

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try the link provided here (you’ll likely end up creating a humble bundle account in the process):

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Okay, can anyone tell me how to change the height of walls in build mode??

I’m currently stuck on like a 2 high wall which doesn’t seem sufficient for my needs. lol

I would really like to be able to remove a placed item like a mean bed in order to upgrade all the bed into comfy beds. It would be great if it would be returned to “block” mode and placed back in a stockpile. I’d also like to destroy items that are “blocks” in my stockpile that I don’t use. For instance… stone blocks and flowers for now. Thanks!

[quote=“JonathanDB, post:168, topic:5475, full:true”]Okay, can anyone tell me how to change the height of walls in build mode??

I’m currently stuck on like a 2 high wall which doesn’t seem sufficient for my needs. lol[/quote]
You’re not in one of the building interior view modes are you? See the itty-bitty icon to the right of the main bar, next to the exclamation mark icon.

@Brazenhal, I mentioned such an idea a while back - hopefully it’s not been forgotten ^^ …


I know this is an “in the future question” but I have a lot of food… like a lot ahahah so I was wondering if or when we have seasons, will like berry bushes stop growing for winter and only have a limit on what we can grow? You know so we have to hurry and get as much food now, before the colder months. Im sorry if this was discussed, there are just so many threads and convos that it makes it hard to back track to what was asked.

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good question… and we’ve had related discussions (how seasons, once implemented, will impact the gameplay)… this scenario certainly seems reasonable to me… :wink:

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I’d be disappointed if this wasn’t the case TBH.

Worth splitting into a new topic BTW @SteveAdamo? Like @Hogwartscat said, I’m not sure it really belongs in here.

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yes sir, I suppose it would be! although, I thought for sure we had a topic that was relatively dedicated to the subject… as soon as i’m back in my office, i’ll do a little querying…

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I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Steam Unstable Branch Updated to Build 134

Just a question.
Will there be any specific haulers that maybe drag a cart or something around, can carry multiple items at once and the only work is to carry stuff around?

i have a quick question, are the grey’d out areas fog of war, or more of a civilization boarder. are people supposed to clear it as they walk through it.

not talking the edges of the map just to avoid confusion

yes sir…

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