Alpha 8 is awesome!

My first impressions of Alpha 8 are awesome. The villager report is great. There is some game there - seems like farming game is stepping up. I only played for a bit and I can’t load my save games from Alpha 8 but what I did play was more fun that Alpha 7.

Can’t wait to see all the new gameplay in 8.

how do i get the dev build?

Don’t know where the instructions are to do this. You have to have Steam. Go to Stonehearth and right click to get the “Properties” tab. On one of the tabs you can opt into the Beta builds…

Sorry I don’t have the exact link - but I’m late for a dinner party.

THANK YOU!!! so much!!!

for anyone else who may be stuck (and since I can’t be bothered to grab the original blog post while I’m stuck on my phone), here’s how your steam client should look, if you want to always capture the bleeding edge client:

turn shadows and Anti-Aliasing to to OFF and you should be able to load.

I can’t wait for Goblin Camps!