Alpha 5 - Tailoring - Error adding to job queue

Summary: Adding thread to tailoring queue (admittedly it was a lot 12 in all) Recieved error

Steps to reproduce:
Have not tried reproducing this yet

Actual Results:
Gameplay partially continues. Most of the citizens are frozen in place.

Notes: Two errors on brown backgrounds
Uncaught Type Error: Cannot read property ‘is_crafting’ of undefined
line 4202
filename: ember 1.5.1.js

Uncaught Error: Assertion Failed: Attributes must be numbers, strings or booleans, not {0: [object HTMLDivElement], 1: [object HTMLImageElement] length: 2}
file ember 1.5.1.js

I would have attached screenshots but I cannot yet (due to acct age)

hey there @drapeta … feel free to toss the screenshot up on something like and @Geoffers747 or I can then embed the image for you…

thanks for the report! :+1:

:open_mouth: I had not thought of that! facepalm