Alpha 4: Items Floating in Air

Alpha 4 Official Release. I’ve got items floating in air where they do not belong. I first noticed this with a log sitting top of the house, which I didn’t really think was a problem. However, I placed four beds in the house, and my citizens refused to use them, continuing to sleep on the ground outside. When I tried to move the beds on the ground floor, one of them somehow got placed floating up on the roof next to the log.

This happened when I tried to move the bed from one side of the house to the other side of the house with both the original location and the new location supposed to be on the ground level of the house. My conjecture is that the citizens won’t use the beds because something is screwed up with the house or world geometry and perhaps they can’t get into them.

I also noticed a poor raccoon standing on top of a juniper tree (I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or not).

Finally I noticed that a table I had asked the workers to setup was also floating.

I tried saving and reloading and the problem persists. I have the game save, if that would be helpful for debugging.

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This sounds similar to this issue here. Did you happen to see anybody get stuck attempting to move the beds like in that topic?

This is a known issue with items placed close to each other. Or, rather, it results from the collision boxes of these items. Although it looks like some items, including these tables, can fit immediately next to each other, they actually require a bit of space around them, so if you place them against each other one is moved up instead so it will fit.

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Did not see anyone get stuck. I also didn’t see them actually move the bed, it was originally against the North wall and I told them to move it placing the head on the East wall. A while later I came back and it was floating in the roof area.

I’m not convinced it’s the same problem. It might be, hard to say.

Hmm, I could have sworn I had successfully placed tables right next to each other in a previous Alpha (possibly Alpha 1). But that does sound like the bug I ran into.

I ran into another log left on the roof in a second game, which does not seem to be having any other strange issues, so the log left on roof may be completely unrelated to the other floating problems.

So far I’ve built four houses in Alpha Four Official Release and two of the four ended up with logs on the roof.

I’m not convinced either… I guess we’d need further data to know for sure.

True, things were different back then. I think they were always overlapping, but the physics and gravity were somehow added and that’s when this overlap meant that one was pushed up.

Yeah, I think they just drop the log when they’re done building the roof, and then they tear down the scaffolding so they can no longer reach it afterward.

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