Alpha 24, build 789!


So repeating your opinion on how something looks is now “forcing that view”?

And who’s insulting who? Unless I’m reading a different page than you are, I don’t see any insults being thrown…for once. And just because we’re disagreeing with the devs doesn’t mean you need to call for the thread to be closed. Otherwise there’s no point in discussions like this if we need to always like what the devs do.


Political correctness, you know… Am I racist if I tell you I don’t like glowing plants?
As long as no one is harmed in the process people are allowed to dislike things just like they are allowed to like them. This is called personal taste.


¯\ _ (ツ)_/¯ - Blatantly insulting. Even if you say that wasn’t the intent… It is an insult to his work ethic.


@BrunoSupremo @Pawel_Malecki @Solus @SirAstrix

I know I’m just a stray candy here, but…

I am going to ask y’all to stop this RIGHT NOW!

Otherwise this discussion is going to go down the drain.

It’s safe to say that the thing about the sugarbell is settled. What was there to say has been said, people put their opinions to words, and Allie is looking into it. There’s no reason of accusing others of meaning wrong.


I think that was what i was intending Stray Candy person! :smiley:


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Wow! Thanks for splitting topic, @Relyss.

Friendly reminder to everyone, please remember to keep the discussion friendly and constructive. Take a moment to read your post and imagine how it might inspire someone else to do better work. If it doesn’t, revise! :smiley: Locking this thread so we can continue elsewhere.