Alpha 22.5 Updated with a bunch of water fixes

Current Release

  • Fixed several bugs with water.
  • Inappropriate subjects are no longer added to Hearthling conversation topic list.
  • Added small camera adjustments on zoom distance and angle that somewhat reduce, but don’t eliminate, occasions of ground/camera crashing.
  • Updated the character sheet morale page to show the numerical values of thoughts, mood thresholds, and current happiness of a hearthling.

I would really like to know what these subjects were. Was it about my mama?


I was just gonna ask that.


ah like that. wasn’t that because the hearthling saved another one, and thus interacting with that other hearthling. If so, I think you should keep the conversation topic, just give the hearthling some clothes.

Hearthlings telling other hearthlings about that one time they saved yet another hearthling is a good thing, if you ask me.


Its more how the subject images are generated. We certainly could figure out appropriate cloths to put on the Hearthling, but I think the way we would prefer to move would be to have a sort of relationship or gossip system. Something that gives more life to how the Hearthlings interact, so for right now how the conversation system works it wouldn’t be worth putting the effort into that when we will probably replace it.