Alpha 11 B.O.B. [Develop-2494] 7/16/2015

More bugs while playing Alpha 11… There’re quite a few, and in order from earliest to most recent (atleast in my save game)

Quite a common bug, but I thought it’d been fixed. If I remember correctly, he was pretending to do the jobs of both the carpenter and a worker eating food. It’s quite humorous, though.

This one is pretty persistent. I had just made a pasture and ordered people to place fences around it. This unfortunate woman seemed to get stuck going to place a fence, as shown in her backpack, yet… I’m not entirely sure.

This one seems to sprout from either the poor fence-woman or my footman who got trapped in a house, just standing there, although reloading right after fixed the footman.

Seems like some woman got stuck in some scaffolding after, I guess, some douchey worker removed the ladder right out from under her feet or built up scaffolding over her head.

…This shepherd is getting a little too comfortable with his sheep. I wanted someone with high spirit so they had the right compassion for this job, but I think this is a little -too- much compassion.

And here is the same poor fence woman, three in-game days after getting stuck, and she’s now sleeping (still, last I checked) and still hungry, and has been for the past two in-game days.

Feel free to dump your own bugs or whatever in here… we can get it sorted out later, or we couldn’t. This could just become a Stonehearth Bug Support Group. I don’t know.

constantly run in to this as well.

hahaha… :smile:

thanks for the feedback and suggestion, but it really is more effective for the team to be able track bugs as reported in individual threads… :+1:


You have same engine error as I do. What have you tried? Have you tried removing all place item orders? I have this idea, that when Hearthling has an order to place item in world, and somehow this item gets bugged in his inventory, he cannot place it, item will probably show twice in your Town overview/Town inventory, and because he cannot place it, and his item is marked for placing, he stands idle, because AI don’t know what to do.

What? Are you sure that he didn’t bring them so the other hearthlings could count sheeps to help them to fall asleep? :wink:

On the other hand, yes, we encourage separate bug reports because it’s easier to keep track of them that way. Although I admit it may be tiring for players to do so. Separate bug reports allow for other users to complain about a single bug, drawing attention to most severe things that need to get fixed.

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Well, I think that failure to start to think, and starving to death is pretty severe :scream: :smiley:

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Of course, I’ll probably sort all this out later. I don’t want to flood the forum with 5 topics at once, even though it’s not like there’d be an overflow. I guess, if most of this or all of this is temporary or fixable, we could discuss it here and if it remains a problem create a specific thread. Idk

It’s been like, four days now and the poor woman still hasn’t starved or moved. :confused: It seems like that could be a pretty bad bug so let me start up a different thread.

Just FYI, “flooding the forum with 5 topics at once” really isn’t frowned upon, as long as all five topics are relevant and well-written. As other users find each of the five bugs on their own, they will hopefully comment on the thread, knocking that particular bug back to the top of the forum list.

I personally posted four topics in about a thirty-minute span a while ago, and each one was well-received. I also keep track of all my bug report and suggestion threads on my own, and I will follow up with each of them on each new Alpha if the issue in question hasn’t been addressed/fixed.