[Alpha 10] Gathering Corn

There must be something wrong with the Corn gathering (pathing) code. They will pick them up walk off the field and come back to continue to pick them up. Corn also doesn’t count towards the town inventory

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can you elaborate on the bug? perhaps provide some specifics steps you can take to notice what is happening (vs. what you expect to happen)… thanks!

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I have noticed this happening with all the crops, not just corn. At least on my machine.

What appears to be happening is a harvester will harvest a bit of ripe crop. Then will start to walk towards a stockpile to put it away. Before he gets very far his AI notices that there are more of the same type of crop that can be harvested so he goes back to get more and the process repeats itself. Not having looked at the code it appears that the little guys have an “inventory” and can carry more than one of the same thing at a time. So they do one task (harvesting then stockpiling), then notice that there is more of the same type that is ready for harvest and they realize they still have room for more so they go back and get it.

Unless they are just dropping the previous crop into oblivion, but visually I didn’t notice what they were carrying disappear.