Ads Everywhere on Both Sites

On the discourse AND the main, there are ads everywhere. So many, my flash player just crashed. I was redirected to a fake java site, trying to get me to download something. I am doubting this waas radiants doing, but I am pleaing for this to stop. In the eman time, if you are a firefox user, try this addon: Adblock Plus – Add-ons for Firefox

Sorry I jumped to conclusions, it turns out it was a virus on my computer called realldeALL trying to remove it now.

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Does anyone know anything about this? Or has had this?

I get the odd unwanted redirect, but this place is at least ad-free for me. Running IE 10 with no adblocker, so god knows I should be vulnerable to anything going around :stuck_out_tongue: .


i have not had the pleasure… :wink:

and i can confirm, the discourse and main site are ad-free… for now…

@not_owen_wilson has aspirations of growing his budding “origami for beginners” home business…


i have best way to get rid of it is go to Program Files or Program File(x86) and find it and delete it and no more ads. for some odd reason it just appeared on my computer but yeah