Additonal Functionality: Crafting, Stockpiles, Zones

Hello, everyone! I was playing the game recently, and I had a few concepts that I wanted to share in terms of future functions/options with zones’ capabilities and their relation to crafters. I don’t believe I saw a discussion directly on this topic, but if these do happen to overlap, I apologize for the redundancy!

1. Resetting/specifying crafters’ dropboxes

This is probably the most common request right now for most of us (This one was discussed earlier, in this topic: Being able to move crafter output pile).
With Alpha 4, being able to put stockpiles and workshops inside structures gives all the more reason for this function (not crafting and storing things out in a field the whole game!).

The player could select an existing stockpile as a new dropbox for a crafter–or multiple crafters (useful for same professions, like carpenter). That way, all their goods come straight to the same location after crafting. A bit more specific than just checking “furniture” on the zone screen, but it can help streamline which exact stockpile in your settlement your items are stored.

2. Locking a stockpile

This would prevent items from being taken from this stockpile, acting as a reserve or preventing settlers from using certain items (likely more useful later on, with more recipes). The items, seen within the “Place an Item” list (as well as the actually stockpile in the world) could be grayed-out, have a red border, a padlock icon, etc., preventing (or just warning) their accidental usage when designing, building, etc… A good possibility for caravan requests, keeping them separate from your general belongings in the game. But there’s also my request of…

3. A unique “Request” zone

This functions like the locking concept, but it operates primarily for requests you receive. This could be accomplished either by typing the object’s name or selecting it from a list and specifying the total number, but I think a more efficient way would be to somehow “assign” the request to the stockpile–that way, only that particular request’s items would be kept there so you can track them better. Maybe this could be a new color zone, such as yellow. Yay, more colors! We all like colors, right?

4. “Fill this stockpile”/“If stockpile X full/empty, then…” command

This final suggestion came from my usage of the weaver the last few days. It takes time and several steps to make bolts of cloth, distracting the player from other things. A way to automate this process more could be to have a “Fill” command for a specific stockpile–example: “Fill stockpile with: Spools of Thread until no more room”. Then, another stockpile could have a similar “Fill” command for Bolts of Cloth, but only be activated when the first one is full, then stops when empty; “If stockpile X full/empty, then…”.

A simpler concept would be to have one stockpile, where “If stockpile holds: 3 Spools of Thread”, then “Weaver crafts: 1 Bolt of Cloth”. This could then also involve only one particular weaver set to continuously produce these two items, leaving the others and their stockpiles to other recipes.

This one’s definitely a bit more involved than the others, but I feel having the ability to create these sorts of scenarios later on will definitely let the hardcore economy-oriented city-builder players create intricate manufacturing systems and really go for the highest settlement score they can.

That’s all I have for now. I hope a few of these concepts sound interesting or useful and that some of them eventually make their way to the game. As usual, feedback and suggestions are highly requested!


Great ideas!
As for number 4, the best you can do at the moment is to make the weaver maintain 3 thread and then make him maintain however much cloth you want at the same time. Then he makes the thread and then a piece of cloth, which uses the thread, so he replenishes it again, and so on

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Yeah, I was thinking of that. I’m not sure about the Alpha 4 release, but before, it I seemed to start getting issues once I had more than one of those “maintain X number items” commands at once on a crafter. I think it’s because the crafter was trying to make all of the thread I ordered before making cloth, so he just ended up wandering around until more silkweed became available. I’ll have to try it with just 3 for spools, see how that works. Maybe another future feature could be:

5. Maintain X number items --in specific stockpile–

Just so the command can relate only to certain stockpile(s), not your entire settlement collectively. Combine it with Locking and Assigning crafters’ dropboxes for more autocrafting possibilities. Maybe a way so only that crafter can use those materials, to add on the Lock concept?

Has anyone else tinkered around with those current crafting options? How well does it work currently?

I’d like the ‘Maintain X items’ command to be a little more clear. Based on what I’ve seen my Carpenter takes that as ‘Make sure x items are in my stockpile’, which seems to cause a loop where they build the required item, a villager moves the item to another stockpile (I usually forget to setup the groupings), carpenter thinks the item’s missing and makes a new one.

If the carpenter used the universal stockpile, I doubt this would be a problem, but it may have to do with the act of moving. Villager picks up an item to move it, Carpenter registers the item is not in stockpile and creates a new one before the villager finishes transport.

Definitely. I think counting items en-route to some degree will be needed for these sorts of commands to work. Hopefully it’s not one of those things that ends up overtaxing a person’s processor when it’s first introduced, it might prevent us from seeing it in-game for a while.

Currently, I’ve noticed there have been some bugs with the trader that arrives at your town, not finding items that it needs to trade, leaving the player with a bunch of potentially useless crafted items. I’m not sure if this has been suggested before, but what about if Stockpiles had more purpose than just storing items.

Trading Posts:
What if you could make a small 5x5 (example size) stockpile that could be used to store trading/quest items. So then the trader would have an easier way of discovering where to collect the trade items from. The stockpile could be marked with 4 flags on each corner, to signify that it is indeed a trading “post”.

The flags themselves would cost 1 Cloth and 1 Wood to make, and after you have the 4 flags, clicking on a stockpile could give you the option (as a button) to “Convert to trading post”, in which the workers will then place the flags around the stockpile.

If this was going to be implemented, maybe you could have a trader appearance feature, where the trader will only notify the town when the trading post is created.

As for sorting items into the trading post stockpile, here are a few options I came up with:

Option 1:
Clicking on individual items and having a button (similar to “place item” button) saying “Mark for trade”, which causes the workers to move the item to the trading post.

Option 2:
Having a button on the trading post to “Collect trade items” when a trade offer is in effect. Which make the workers move all items relating to the trade into the trade post area.

This could give trading a bigger purpose, and maybe a more RPG feel?
Leave comments below to add to this suggestion :slight_smile:

This could become something very nice indeed, but I think that as long as there’s no trader appearing to collect the goods. They might as well stick with the way it is now :smiley:

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I think we’d need a new zone type for trading stockpiles TBH. I thought about just tagging a stockpile with a tick-box to make it register as a trading one, but then how would you determine what actually goes in it :stuck_out_tongue: ?

What I think we’ll want in the end is a new zone you can place, of any size. Clicking it opens up a big old, dynamically-generated list (dynamic to account for mod items etc) where you can set the number of each item etc that you want in the trade stockpile, along with tick-boxes for things like “damaged yes/no?” options. Eventually, when trade develops to the point of having reasonably decent negotiations involved (ie, unlike the present MMO timed-quest-style trades), you’ll be able to use this much more effectively. The ability to change priority lists will also help a lot WRT picking up specific trade items.

That’s pretty much what Trading Posts are for… xD


good point… im assuming you mean specific numbers of goods, as opposed to the types of goods, yes?


Hey, just a heads up. We also discussed this in my thread earlier on stockpiles. Just wanted to save you guys some time and trouble.

Here’s the earlier thread on stockpiles and functionality: