Adding combat to critters


Can anyone hep me add combat to critters. I have tried adding the wolf combat code, and the goblin combat code to the red fox but having little luck. Can anyone with more experiance point me to what else I need to do to make this happen?


It sounds like a good idea however I have no experience with modding…

I would suggest asking @RepeatPan about that…


I suppose that’s not that easily possible, but without any real, updated knowledge, I suppose the steps that you would need to do would be to copy the hostile AI actions into the critter, maybe adapt some faction stuff somewhere… But all this will require custom animations for the whole fighting.

In any case, to my knowledge, the wolf code was never complete. I think it hasn’t really been touched for ages either. It’s possible that even wolves don’t work at all - so trying to start something on that code would be doomed to fail.

I would require a lot of working into the actual combat code to give you a more precise answer - sorry! What I would do, however, is look what goblins do - what triggers the fighting, what AI behaviours and observers are present, what about the factions, and try to adapt that to critters.


I remember this topic from long ago. Of course things have changed, so it may not work at the present time. But looking at what the goblins do should be a good point to begin with, as @RepeatPan says.


Ow yea I remember that too :smile:. Was pretty bugged back then, but it worked.

For the critter adding combat is not really easy i guess. But I have no idea.